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Meditation...Why? How?

I have always been obsessed by yoga and spirituality, by magic, by energy, by things unexplained. As a child I would seek out books and opportunities to find out more about the metaphysical. I think it is a feeling that lots of children have, a feeling that they

have magic powers, that they are capable of

more than the adult world gives them credit for.

Occasionally I would come across a reference to a yogi who had accomplished the extraordinary and marvel at the feat, not sure if this source could be trusted, or I could dare to believe it was true. I lived in a very hippie community on the West Coast of Canada growing up and I had exposure to VERY far out thinking, but the wider world, and society as a whole, discounted so many of the stories, I was too sceptical to believe what I was told. Like all early knowings though, the little voice was always there questioning. Questioning, what really are the limits of human consciousness and ability?

In the book Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramahansa Yogananda it tells a story that the author claims he was told by a policeman. It appears quite early on in the book and it had me hooked. The policeman told a story of himself and some fellow policemen looking for a man who was accused of committing a murder. They were scared, and in an understandably high state of alert, as they hunted for this dangerous killer. As the policemen were searching the county side, they saw a man who fitted the description standing by a river. The policemen gave chase, the man ran, confirming in the minds of the policemen that they had, indeed, found their suspect. The policemen at the time was carrying a large knife in the scabbard on his belt. He drew his machete and struck the suspect taking the mans arm clean off. The man turned around, it was the wrong man, he was a holy man, a yogi. He had run because he had feared the policemen would act without thinking. The policeman, full of remorse begged for forgiveness, but the benevolent yogi was not angry or scared. He said he did not hold resentment and left the policemen in a state of shock. The policeman told Yogananda, that when he was walking on the banks of the river a few months later he saw the same yogi. He had grown his arm back.

Now, when I read that 10 years ago I was really confused, I couldn’t understand why an autobiography would state something that wasn’t true, but it was so far out I just didn’t know if I could believe it.

Now I think that I do believe it. I have seen so much healing in the last 10 years and learned so much more, that I actually believe that some very yogic people are capable of such feats.

Here is the thing...I came across Dr. Joe Dispenza, go and read his books, the man is a modern miracle. He is the bridge that spanned the gap for me. He was hit by a truck, his vertebrae were crushed beyond repair and he refused surgery, lay on his stomach for 3 months and meditated his back into one piece again. His spine was in tiny fragments, many of then embedded into his spinal cord. He just meditated himself back together. Within six months he was training for triathlons again. The doctors had said he would never walk and he’d have to replace his spine with a metal rod.

I have had a regular meditation practice for years, but I have added an hour of Joe Dispenza’s meditation in every morning and it has changed my life. It would be wrong of me not to share this with my students, because it has had such a big effect on me. I wake up and pop my headphones in and lay on my back in bed without any pillows and do the guided visualisation from the ‘You are the Placebo’ book.

I still have other meditation practices that benefit me in lots of other ways (more on those in another post), but If you are looking for a life fix, be it health, career, love, happiness, go and get yourself a copy of Dispenza’s book, read it, suspend your disbelief and DO THE WORK! Joe was a yogi and a serious meditator before his accident. He doesn’t mention yoga in the book, but he spills some pretty hefty yoga secrets that formally you would have had to learn form a guru. I have been studying yoga seriously for years and have only had hints form teachers and masters towards the ideas shared in Joe’s, books. He spells out the magic formula, and it is tried and tested.

…A word about meditation practice… it is a ‘practice’ -you have to do the work, day in and day out. Don’t tell yourself that you don’t have the time, that it doesn’t work for you, that you like to run or surf and they are your meditation, they are not the same thing. If you meditate you will find hours of extra time in your day, you will achieve so much more in your life and you will spend your days joyfully. There is no way I would get up at 5am everyday to do something that wasn’t totally flipping AMAZING!

“When the mind is calm, how quickly, how smoothly, how beautifully you will perceive everything.” - Yogananda


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