Our Teachers


I have grown up with yoga. I copied my mother, as my small children copy me now. When I complained of being bored as a child my father would say "Go and meditate". It became an obsession. I couldn't understand what he meant by "just sit still and think of nothing". I would sit and battle with my mind as a 9 year old, constantly saying to myself "Think of nothing, think of nothing..."

I started attending regular yoga classes when I was 13 in Canada. It was an amazing experience, each week a hall would fill with about 150 people all with blankets and cushions and towels... I don't think yoga mats had reached the Rocky Mountains back then... I don't know if they had even been invented. My teacher was an older woman with white frizzy hair and a body like super woman. Her smile and love infected the whole room. It infected me too. I fell in love with how I felt every Thursday.


In an attempt to savor that Thursday feeling I started practicing seriously at home in my room. One day at about age 14 I had finished my yoga practice and decided to sit still and try to think of nothing... BOOM! I got it! Clearing the mind was easy if you had just cleared your body! I could meditate! 

So since then I have traveled and practiced with different teachers, in different cultures. I continue to practice in my room, my garden, on the beach...

My first teacher was taught by Iyengar, My second long term teacher by a swami in India, and my final teacher, a Zen Master, studied with Pattabhi Jois. I am very lucky at my age to have studied with two teachers who have studied directly with Iyengar and Jois. They were the fore fathers of Yoga in the West.

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Hello, my name is Emma.

I have been practicing yoga for 2 years now and was a gymnast throughout my childhood. Learning from amazing teachers in India and alongside people from all over the world has completely opened my mind up to all the good yoga does for our bodies and mind. I am so excited to share my experiences and knowledge with any of you that wish to join me.

Through out my time practicing yoga I have learnt a lot of meditation and pranayama (breathing techniques) which I love to include in my classes, therefore not only working on strength and flexibility of the body, but also strengthening the mind and helping us to feel at peace.

I hope to see you soon!