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GRATITUDE is exercise 2 on our mission ❤️

Hello beautiful people, I hope you are well. Do you know how grateful I am to have fellow yogis and good vibe hunters with me here! I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU!

Journal Journal Journal! That is the way to bridge the gap between the subconscious and your conscious reality. As we go forward with this mission of self discovery and expression we will do loads of work with the subconscious through mantra and meditation, but getting your conscious mind to behave is a key to deepening yoga and meditation practice. This exercise helps to train the conscious and subconscious mind, as well as lifting your vibration to one that allows you to match your future vision of yourself where you are singing your song and living your authentic best life.

Your words shape your reality, so choose your words wisely. Tomorrows exercise is based entirely on this, but for now we are going to work with the simple and more narrow task of just journaling your gratitude list. If you haven't watched my video on gratitude do that now so you understand what all this is about and get fired up for this soul adventure. Its on Facebook and Instagram, click on the icons above.

Get a journal if you haven't already got one, and, as I say in the video, write piles and piles of things you are grateful for that you have in your life now, just keep going, more and more and more. Be grateful for every single thing you can think of. The more you write, the higher your vibe is lifted. Really feel the gratitude in your heart centre, let it move you, let if lift you. Don't block the good and strong feelings if they come, just learn to sit with them.

Now part two. If you have done exercise one, that is listed in my previous blog post, you turn your attention to those images that you created for your future self and life. (Go and have a look if you haven't done it yet, or the next bit will make no sense.) Start to write your gratitude list for the things you have envisioned as if they have already happened. So if you visualised yourself living in a beach hut in Tahiti with your own jewellery making business, then write " I'm so grateful for this beautiful life in Tahiti, I'm so grateful for my beach hut, and it's amazing views, I'm so grateful that I wake up to the sound of parrots in the trees, I'm so grateful that my jewellery workshop is surrounded by other lovely creative people who support me..." and so on. 🦜

Create the imagery, sights, sounds, smells as you go along. properly fantasise, go for it. Colour in and detail your imaginary world as you write everything in the form of a gratitude list. What are you wearing? What colour are your toe nails? What is in your fruit bowl? What is under the bed? What do you eat for breakfast? Design your life. This will really help when we are in the meditation phase as you can walk right into this life in your meditation and it is all set up ready for you to move in.

That's it! Simple. You have to be grateful for the future before it happens, and you have to be grateful for what you have now before you can ever appreciate the things to come. As soon as you are operating from a place of lack, from the mind set of not having enough, you are going to bring more lack to you. It's a vibe thing. ❤️

Enjoy the exercise.

I hope you have a sooooper day.

Loads of love,


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