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Hi! I'm Leah and I am Soul Yoga. I teach a lot of private clients through out the year. Teach groups of friends, family and business teams visiting Cornwall in the summer, and  a few open classes a week around North Cornwall...

Soul Yoga is a yoga school dedicated to personal and community development. We make people healthier, stronger and happier by teaching them traditional yoga techniques to apply throughout their lives, resulting in lasting positive changes.

We are firm believers in healing body and mind together through yoga. Sessions with Soul Yoga work the body physically, improving strength and stamina, but also bring huge positive changes to mental health and whole body wellness.

We see private clients at their homes, on the beach, in the studio, and at work. One-to-one sessions enable deeper healing and transformation as we can work on the specific physical and emotional needs of the client. Group private sessions are great in the workplace, for wellness weekends and hen parties.

Leah is a qualified Reiki practitioner and Zen yoga teacher. For targeted healing during private sessions she uses meditation techniques to effectively shift mental patterns, while using a combination of yoga to release trauma and stress trapped in the body and Reiki to increase cleansing, transformation and rejuvenation.

In my classes I flow from a Yang (more energetic) to a Yin (more introspective) style of yoga to bring about a strong physical body, with clear energy channels. This encourages a balanced and calm mind. If we are physically and emotionally well we can truly embody ourselves and live in the moment. When we fully experience each moment from a grounded, centered place we find true peace and happiness.

I use breath work (pranayama) and guided meditation techniques to aid in relaxation and rejuvinatoin.

"The yoga I teach in my classes should meet you at your limit physically, emotionally, and mentally. It should hold you in a place that feels safe, but challenges you to be the best version of yourself.  Teaching you to love yourself and make peace with where you are right now on your journey. "

"If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete." ~ Buddha

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