More of a meditation group than a class...

I guide the group into a meditation and give instruction and guidance, but a large amount of time is spent in silence or with biaural beats (a special type of music composed on different frequencies that aid in meditation)

The class is designed to be a place that the group can enter deep states of meditation without their cat jumping on them, or kids wondering in...which is so many peoples experience at home!

Mudra Meditation

We end the meditation after an hour with a short group positive visualisation for the planet. There is a lot of evidence now that group meditation and prayers have a measured positive effect on the planet, communities and peoples health.


Group meditation can feel more powerful than meditating on your own, and having help and guidance from an experienced teacher can help students stay focused and learn to train their wondering mind more effectively.

The types of meditation that we practice will vary to give group members the chance to explore what works for them.

Each session will end with a cup of herbal tea and a chance to share ideas and ask questions.

This class is open to everyone. It is fine to sit on a chair or lay down to meditate if sitting on the floor for an hour is uncomfortable. The meditation class is preceded by a yoga class (6:30-7:30) It can be much easier to relax into meditation if you have first done some asana (posture) practice, so if you want to join us before hand please do.

If you have any questions before coming to the class please don't hesitate to get in touch. There are no stupid questions, meditation is something that until recently wasn't spoken about much in Britain, and there is still a lot of misunderstanding about what it actually is.