Evening Classes

Transformation is simple. You just have to turn up.


Join us on your mat for an hour of asana (posture) practice followed by half an hour of guided meditation, relaxation and yoga nidra.


In asana practice we use traditional Zen and Yin yoga techniques to release trapped emotions from the body and build up positive energy. It is through this practice that people experience greater improvements in their health than with other forms of excersise. At the same time students explore the edge of their physical fitness, gaining flexibility, stamina and strength.


Devoting half an hour to relaxation, meditation and yoga nidra allows students to experience the true benefits of yoga practice. Feelings of stress, anxiety and separation make way to feelings of peace, joy and connectedness.

Studio Session


wadebridge town hall

 Tuesday 7.30pm

£10 drop in

£8 if you join for the term

This Class is suspended because of Covid-join me on a Thursday instead!